Brother? Haha.

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In NTU, where I am currently a student at, classmates are very competitive and hardworking.

I wouldn't say we are more 'kiasu' than students from the other two local universities but I'd say most of us chiong just before exams instead of burning the midnight oil every single night. Ok we do freak out for projects but not for tutorials.

Today I had my Strategic Management class and after class, I spoke to a classmate of mine whom I highly respect.

He's someone that really has an aura, I would say, of pride and he is very self-assured. Of course, he has reason to be.

Very gifted in understanding things quickly, even when the rest of the class doesn't understand, grades of course are top notch but it's not because he studies very hard. He has an amazing memory and, like I said, is able to understand and grasp the key concepts at lightning speed.

He always thinks before he speaks, is cultured, well-mannered, disciplined, everything.

I really look up to him, and no I am not interested in him, but when I talk to him,  I know he will be very successful in future.

And today he said something to me that made me really happy inside (imagine if an idol said this to you ok)

"I wish you were in my group man!"


And another part of the class where I was contributing an idea to support his and the teacher commented that as the shareholders of the company, why am I supporting the management?? And he said,

"She's my sister"


Great school life.

PS: Just to again clarify and assert, I am not interested in him, never was, never will be. Just in case any of you get the wrong idea. Hahah. We're friends.
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