2010 in Review too.

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 I think I sort of had some reflections on 2010 but I couldn't really do it in depth because my memory is so bad but I've decided to summarize the more important priorities in my life to three categories. 


This can be split into two sub-categories. Friendship type of love and of course, romantic love.

Let's talk about friendship love!

I had an awesome 21st birthday !! No matter how shitty my memory is, I will remember this night because it was so wonderful and my closest pals were all there with me <3.

 Went to SG Entertainment Awards with my best pal, Crystal. I didn't understand half of everything but I was there to see Shinee. IT WAS GREAT!

Got a new camera.

I don't have a picture of it but that helped me take many many pictures you can see on my page :) It's not a DSLR it's just a digi-cam but it's great! Canon ftw!

Went to Malacca in June with parents and family friends!

My brother also went to work in Japan but I don't have pictures of that. So technically I have all the attention from my parents right now. Not used to it.

Went for most of NBS Orientation Camp! It was quite bad the year before because I had a throat infection and fever halfway so I missed most of it.

Was the emcee for the first time, at Taa's 21st birthday party!

 Also was a facilitator for JAC camp!

Went for TWO Oktoberfests (awesomezz)
at Brozeit (yes that's me on stage)

and Paulaners!

Weekend trip to KL with churchies!
Ok that's just some of the events in my 2010 friendship life. Other bits are like, more birthday parties, surprise party for crystal etc :)

As for romantic love, well, I broke up in July. I moped around for a long time and couldn't hear his name without feeling sad. Best pals Cherlyn, Crystal and Rachel were friends with him too which was even worse because they were in some classes together. So I had to hear his name or bump into him in the corridor. I even hid behind a pillar once but got sort of caught because I turned around too fast. He hadn't walked past yet -.-

Or another time when I decided to surprise Cherlyn outside her class but didn't know he was in the class too. So when class ended... yeah.

I guess my horoscope or fortune probably said something like 2010 wouldn't be a good year in love for you or something. Haha!! Hope that will change in 2011.


I didn't fall sick often because I lived at home instead of hall! It was all good.

The worst was the suspected-but-never-confirmed H1N1 flu that I kind of had. Was sick for 7 days with fever. Horrible. I was alone at home most of the time which made it worse. *shudders* I was so sick of porridge and bread after that.


 I continued to give tuition, was proud of my kids when they did well. I didn't go to many other countries like Taiwan and Thailand because I wanted to save up for my Grad trip so I guess in a way my bank account grew a little. So little though. I spent a lot on online shopping..

Had a great internship and got a job offer which is why I'm not too worried about doing well this semester haha!

Alright I should head off already. Hope you enjoyed reading bits of my life, summarized!

Inspired by Kevin's entry.
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