As the year draws to a close.

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Thank you, God for everything that happened this year. The good, the bad and the ugly. Everything.

The beginning of the year had its bittersweet memories, being with K and coping with news that my friend Qianxiang who was studying in UK, had a heart attack and passed away, my first official internship, falling hopelessly sick in the middle of it, having bitchy colleagues and some really nice ones, breaking up, natsumatsuri wearing a yukata (DREAM COME TRUE), meeting old friends from long ago, cutting my hair, being thrown like a rag doll, kl with churchies and christmas with love hope and joy.

roller coaster ups and downs man!

but everything happens for a reason and helps you grow as a person. so whatever happened to you this year, think about how it changed you, and if it changed you negatively, well perhaps you can think of it a positive way. instead of thinking 'i am more susceptible to hurt' think about being more cautious before letting yourself get hurt!

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