Wild Honey.

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I shall blog more actively. I know I've been saying that since like forever. And I will blog happier things from now on okay? If I blog some emo shit you guys can whack me in the comments.

So I recently went to Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery). I've been wanting to go there since I've heard such fab reviews about it so I brought a couple of my exchange friends for tea!

I look weird here but zero make up. Heh!

They don't have a proper menu menu but they do use ipads to show photos of their items! THEY ALL LOOK SO DELICIOUS! I had a really tough time deciding what to get.

Really pretty concept, there were different chair designs!

It's quite expensive though, they serve breakfast all day and there's always a long queue!

Susanna's! I forgot what she ordered.

My European breakfast! IT WAS SOO GOOD! And yes that's my nails for christmas that i did in KL :)

Anouk got a gingerbread man!

Merel's! It was a type of salad!

We really liked the chill-out ambience of the entire place, perhaps we'll come back anther time! My european breakfast was about $21 after gst and service charge? And when we left there was a long queue outside. It's crazy packed on weekends. Like I said I've been meaning to go there but I always get turned off by the queue.

On a side note, my stat counter noticed a huge jump in hits today! I COULD speculate and wonder why so many people are visiting my somewhat emo/angry blog but there's always the benefit of the doubt.

A new year is coming people! Let's make the best of what's left of 2010.
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