Things to look forward to..

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I normally post this in the midst of my exams but I am feeling really stressed today.

Things to look forward to once exams are over:-

1) Playing Professor Layton on DS. I wonder if I can borrow the game AND the DS from a friend.

2) Playing all the games on my friend's online account. There's Sam and Max etc (I never completed the entire game because my brother just rebooted the com one fine day and I was too annoyed to start from the beginning. I WAS FINISHING LOH! I was at the cinema level I think? Can't really remember.

3) L4D2. I don't want to be the sacrificial one AGAIN.

4) Overseas!

FIVE) my five button is not working. fml. Uh, final semester in uni.

6) Meet-ups with friends flying back from their respective countries

7) Christmas!! Ok this should be higher up on the list.

8) 2011.
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