Zomg!! Birthday part 2.

5:42 PM claire 0 Comments

This has got to be the best birthday ever.

Today woke up at 9am, rolled around a little on the bed (i love rolling on my bed), got up, looked at the roses, smiled foolishly to myself. Got ready for school. Decided to dress a little nicely today :)

214 was alright. Cherlyn noticed the bag immediately! Haha! Thanks babe! Super nice! We had to do some CSR thing but our group didn't prepare. Oops.

306 was insanely difficult. Really don't understand a thing, also because I didn't do the tutorial. And the group that was present was super zai la. They're like some RJ top class batch (all male group) and prob just clique together dont talk to girls kind. LOL.

Got home, got a whatsapp notification telling me to check my gmail......

AND I AM SO TOUCHED SERIOUSLY!! My friend sang a song for me! And it was really really sweet.

Super happy now. Grinning like a Cheshire cat.
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