Classes are over..

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This sem has been interesting. Even though exams are in a few weeks. Haha.

For the first time, Cherlyn and I were in the same class! And despite not really concentrating in class because we were in our own worlds, laughing and stuff, preparing for board meeting etc, I'd say it was really fun. David, Chee Han, Cherlyn , Crystal and I. Soo many jokes I don't even know where to begin. I wish i could video record every fun moment in my life and just play them over and over again, just in case i miss out a few details or in case i forget some bits of it.

Since this semester was considerably slacker than last sem (but increased frequency of tuition which tires me out SO MUCH) got to spend more time with the bf! Realized that he likes family guy and some nonsense bird dancing routine.

Went crazy over shinee and yoo-geun. YOO GEUN IS SO CUTE> but he is a little spoilt. they should discipline him more properly. ok he's just this little 3 year old toddler that shinee had to take care hahaha

Ugly Betty season finale this week!! OMG! And how I met your mother is coming to an end soon, last season right? SAD.

What else happened to me this semester? Hmm, screwed up marketing ppts, need to do more shopping, i have too little clothes!

I hope that somehow I can find some loyalty to my school in the next two months, otherwise i won't miss this place much, will just miss the people.

roller coaster from south spine to north spine FOR THE WIN!
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