No blog, I did not abandon you.

8:48 PM claire 1 Comments

School has started. A lot of events have happened. Mostly emotional ones, but I am fine now. Let's just hope for the best. Hope that my internship goes well, my exchange application goes well. It's the last chance I've got.

As for classes..I am happy I am with Cherlyn. I really like my 202 group. We're really funny and enjoyable. I am really happy. For 205, it's alright too! And for marketing... well. I think it'll be a challenge because our teacher expects so much from us. Meeting her expectations will be quite tough! Especially since we're the first group to present the graded project.

I think about random things all the time. I still do. Maybe I need some mobile GPS plan so that I can update my blog whenever I think about random stuff. Hmm.

Especially since my memory is so bad. Sigh!
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