Give me a break...

9:25 AM claire 0 Comments

Recess week is here. But obviously, it is not a holiday for you unless you're on exchange. Sigh.

I have tuition from tues-sat, (and today because they weren't free) and worse, project meetings from mon to weds, and i think thurs and fri also, maybe, but it depends because crystal isn't free, so maybe it'll be our 205 meeting.


And I haven't heard anything about my internship yet. Sigh!!

Maybe they secretly googled my name and found this blog and didn't like me. Or maybe they facebook'ed me.

I need a holiday.

Thailand end of july, beginning of september, anyone? Batam? Bali? Tioman? Desperate.. Taiwan???

Ooh I AM looking forward to the Singapore Entertainment AWards (SHINEE!! SHOU LUO!!!) and the Chicago musical. ARGHH HAPPINESS!!
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