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I have goggles now! Am very very happy. And earphones. Red is awesome.

Today will be an awes0me day. Happy happy!!!!!! :D

Thank YOU. You know who you are.
Cheesecake for breakfast!!


One year ago I was in my hall room all alone doing work because Cherlyn left me to do Hall Block stuff, and I begged her to come back at 11.45pm to come share this brownie instant microwaveable thing with me. At 11.55pm I got an awesome surprise, got 'high' on rum chocolate cake, stayed until ADM rooftop until 4am, screwed up my test the next day.

This year it's different but I am also happy. If not happier? :)

Dinner at Hibiki, walked around town for a while to shop, find a slice of cake, drove to Marina Barrage, spent the midnight hour there. It was... wait for it... legendARY. yeahhh. high five. whaddup??

Haha. Don't punch me, just imitating Barney from How i Met your Mother. Hee.

Very happy. Think I will have very sweet dreams tonight. :)
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