Singapore's Oktoberfest @ Brozeit!

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It all starts from here!Biggest Pretzel I've ever seen in my life. My fingers for comparison.

This is what we had to eat. It was big. It was enormous. It was... a platter. OMG.
6 of us shared one of these.

And shared the pretzel!

Warming up for the night~!

Dearie who sat next to me and all the pictures are from her camera, which i borrowed from time to time to take more pictures. HEE. <3. onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">This is his first face for the night! What is that instrument called again? An accordion?
2nd Face!

Everyone exercising!
Audience Interaction! Stand up and clap your hands!
Happy Birthday Godpa!!

Uncle Bob!! Woohoo!

Who is this mysterious man?

Btw, it was freaking funny because whenever he bent his knees, the spoon will hit the pan and there wld be a 'cling' sound. LOL. And there were two instances where the pan dropped. Revealing a red elephant in it's place. CRUDE YES I KNOW. Not for those under 16 please.

Photo with the funny guy!!
One of the band members!

A happy day indeed! :)

Everyone was dancing the chicken dance, doing some weird flying swimming dance, getting stitches, having a great time!!

Happy Birthday Godpa!!! :D

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