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Travelogue: Disneyland Tokyo

Day 2 of my trip exposed me to the true powers of Tokyo's morning rush. One word: INSANE.

I had to wake up really early as I was going to meet my friend from Nagoya at the train station of Tokyo Disneyland. She won a pair of tickets from a contest earlier this year and wanted to redeem it. The price of one ticket is at least $70! Lucky me :) However, she wanted to go there as early as possible so that we didn't have to queue for the rides. If you've been to Disneyland Tokyo, you'd know that you spend half the time there just queuing. Also, it's like an hour ride away from the city center of Tokyo, so that meant I had to leave really early.
Bringing out the kid in me again

Since I was going to stay in Nagoya for the next couple of days, I had a backpack with me, oh and my trusty tripod I bought the day before. When I got on the train at Shibuya though, it was pure chaos. It's NOTHING like Singapore's peak period, everyone is literally shoving their whole bodies into the train and everyone is squashed like a can of sardines. There isn't any space for you to whip up your phone, your body is definitely pressed against at least 3 others, but the good thing is that they're all in suits and it's in the morning so there isn't much body odour. Phew!

I was overwhelmed to navigate through Shibuya's complex and thousand and one train compaines. Imagine everyone walking really quickly, rushing to work while I'm the idiot trying to keep up with the pace so I won't get trampled on, and at the same time trying to spot as many signs telling me the direction to head to. At one point I stopped at one corner and stared at the map. At another point I prayed I didn't miss my stop. I had to change 3 trains altogether so it was pretty intense.

Somehow, I made it! I finally reached my destination and my friend was soo worried for me but so happy to see that I made it in one piece lol!

WE made it!!

Promptly rushed in, dropped my backpack in a locker, got our fast passes and as it was rainy, we caught a number of shows. The rain made everything wayyyy colder, and my friend actually brought heat packs for me!! She's the sweetest!! Needless to say, I stuck them on almost immediately. Oh, and I was wearing 4 layers k.

Oh, I MUST emphasize on something. If you're in Tokyo Disneyland, there are two things you HAVE to eat or you're missing out!!!

1) Turkey Leg

It's the juiciest, most tender turkey leg ever!!!! Plus they give you the drumstick so it's easy to walk around and eat with. Best turkey leg I've ever eaten, marinated to perfection.

2) Churros.

Happy campers

Who can say no to Mickey Mouse shaped churros that are maple flavoured??? I wanted to eat them all.

Okay, now I'll let the pictures do the talking. Disneyland was transformed into an Easter theme, hence the rabbits, eggs and other cute stuff. Take note of the special parade floats, which were ALL easter themed!!

One aspect I really love about Disneyland is their colourful flowers, painstakingly hand planted and maintained. 

So many rabbits!! Hehe just like my rabbit, Squishy.

It was drizzling a bit so to protect our cameras, we posed with our umbrellas.

Then we decided it was too ugly (the umbrella) so we threw it away for a few seconds just to snap a shot. Haha! There are 7 eyeballs in this picture!!

I didn't take any photos of the rides, but here was one I snapped of the bears.

For the record, it was absolutely boring and I thought it was the worst show in the whole of Disneyland. So if you're strapped for time, don't queue or wait for this one!

That freaked me out a little.

It was a really cold day so we kept buying hot tea to warm us up!

The Japanese take Disneyland very seriously, there were many children dressed up as Disney characters!!! Saw this adorable girl and asked her parents if I could take a picture with her. How convincing does she look?? Points to their parents for effort. They sewed the cow print onto her jeans.

Star Wars show!! My friend Junko was telling me that this ride was split into many rooms and each room showed different versions of the ride. So you can head in over and over to catch all the sequences! Think there are like 80 or something different scenarios.

Star Wars 4D Goggles. Felt like Xmen.

Churros from outer space!! Food of the astronauts.

This one too cute my heart almost couldn't take it. That's her father next to her not a random stalker.

Hahaha Goofy scarecrow.

There was a section where you could view Disney character houses! Think this was Goofy's house as the whole house looked unstable.

Found the egg!

Donald Duck's house with the essential water feature haha.

Ah I remember now. The section was called 'ToonTown' lol.

There was a fountain in the middle and it was surrounded by cherry blossoms!!

Looong queues to meet Mickey. Didn't bother queuing.


Found more eggs!

The Squirrel's house! Chip and Dale.

Went into Minnie's house because we spotted a short queue!

I'm taller than Minnie hahah.

Cute girls playing colouring. I don't think Minnie has a green face though.

Looks like there's food on the table! But when you walk towards it, it disappears!

Posing with the white cherry blossoms! I look huge here but then again I WAS wearing 4 layers...

Love how going to Disneyland makes you feel like you're transported to another world. Japan's Disneyland has got to be one of my favourites because the staff are so friendly and bubbly it really adds to the whole spirit of the place!

Some of the exclusive easter merchandise. This was soo adorable but I don't have anywhere to place soft toys in my home so I had to give it up. A photo is good enough :p

This rabbit cape was so hilarious.

Too cute!!! Easter egg chocolates!! If I had kids I'd buy these for them in a heartbeat.

C'mon... you know you need a woven basket with bunny ears!

The only takeaway you need to remember from this picture is the size of the turkey leg. The rest of the food was so-so.

Parade time!! All the characters were in raincoats just in case it started to rain again. So cute!

All characters had rabbit ears!! Hehe.

The Hare looking very happy because he fits in for once :X

Wonder why they only had white rabbits though. There are rabbits of other colours too!! 

Lettuce jam?? Hahaha Squishy would love that.

Caught Minnie waving!

After the parade we went to catch a show that was only performed twice a day. We were 30 mins early but the seats were already 80% full. Insane right?

No your eyes aren't pulling tricks. Mickey in Black and White!

It was a highly entertaining performance as characters danced to some of the most famous tunes

When this crocodile appeared i loled. Run away!!

and the closing number!

It wasn't my first time at Tokyo Disneyland so it wasn't a mad rush to try and cover as much ground as possible. Also, due to the rainy weather, the fireworks were cancelled, so around 7ish we decided to head back to Nagoya, in attempts to avoid the evening crowd.

We bought bentos and snacks to eat on the shinkansen (bullet train) as Nagoya was 2 and a half hours away. Junko bought these reaaally yummy tamagoyaki which were apparently from Tsukiji market. My bento was so-so.

The whole day had been absolutely tiring as we walked SO MUCH back and forth, in heels and I was cold most of the time, my socks were wet from the rain, so we got back, showered and KO-ed.

Come back soon to read about my adventures in Nagoya!

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